Men at Work

September 27, 2012
Men at Work

Hanging Banners

The industrious folks at Downtown Decatur Redevelopment Authority (DDRA) have moved mountains to create a better downtown atmosphere by implementing an exciting masterplan. Executive Director Rick Paler has spearheaded turning this grand vision into a reality for this vibrant community. Part of this redo incorporates a variety of wayfinding signs, including pedestrian kiosks, parking system signs, LED-lit street signs and welcoming banners. While the latter may have been the simplest to bring to fruition, they have certainly made a large impact. Spanning the length of Decatur, Alabama’s 2nd Avenue, these colorful vinyl banners are proving to be a big hit with both merchants and tourists.

McComm’s own Joel McWhorter is seen installing one to check the fit. Fortunately, no digging was required.

Banner Designs

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