Integrated Marketing Solutions

When we got into this business 25+ years ago, design was our meat and potatoes. In fact, delivering award-winning and effective design is how we built our reputation. We’ve always considered ourselves partners with our clients. We analyze how you communicate with customers and identify innovative opportunities to strengthen and grow your brand – and your business – in a logical, phased, and affordable program. It‘s this combination of creative and strategic thinking that defines our agency. Let us innovate for you.

Web Design & Development

Icon When you’re on a well-designed web site, you know it. It flows. You can move around logically and easily. You have visual cues when you move from section to section. The secret: understanding what’s important to you and what’s important to your visitor. Those things aren’t always the same. Our job is to create an information flow, or navigation and design, that marries the two seamlessly.

On the technical side, we work with clients to determine if they need: a content management system, a responsive site, a database-driven site, an online store, or an enterprise-level global site in multiple languages. Regardless of the type of site, we build in search engine optimization elements and analytical tracking tools. A well-designed site should also be a smart site.

Mobile Application Design & Development

Icon Mobile apps continue to change the way we live and the way we do business. We bring together our strategic marketing skills with the latest app development know how to build effective apps for our clients. First we have a heart-to-heart to be sure an app is the right tool for them – and actually gives value to the user. The second conversation is about what a good app does and doesn’t do: it should meet a specific, defined purpose and it should not have unnecessary items that dilute that functionality. Then the design begins with usability as the driving force. The final step is testing.

“If you build it, they will come.” is memorable in the movies, but in the world of apps, that philosophy is out in left field. We work with clients to develop and implement smart strategies to direct audiences to the app.

Campaign Strategy & Media Placement

Icon Whether putting together a plan for a consumer-based media schedule that includes everything from TV to bus wraps or creating a schedule for a B2B client with a small niche business, understanding the audience is essential to an effective plan. We have been coordinating media programs for clients for more than 25 years. We believe in spending money wisely, not just spending money. We base our recommendations on your audience’s buying habits and your goals for your media budget. The intangible piece to media buying that we cultivate is having good relationships with the reps at the different outlets. It helps us get your company a little something extra for your investment.

Exhibits & Environmental Design

Icon Large-scale graphics like those used for trade shows, lobby displays, museum presentations, and inside office buildings are unique opportunities to convey your company’s message succinctly with visual impact. The McComm Group incorporates a grab-your-attention marketing punch into every graphic.

The McComm Group also develops interactive displays, which may include touch screens, video, Internet, and other audience-engaging elements. Ideal in public settings such as lobbies, waiting areas, and museums, these displays engage your audience in the telling of your story.

Event Planning & Coordination

Icon We love orchestrating events! And, to be a bit immodest, we do events really well…probably because it’s where that right brains and left brains come together in perfect harmony. The strategic, organizing, list-making side of the house gets to coordinate and schedule and meet and keep everyone straight. Our creative team gets to go from concept to collateral to stage design to commemorative elements to ads and digital support. The final performance is an event that lets our clients take center stage and generate great, long-term buzz. Bravo!

Wayfinding & Directional Signage

Icon The McComm Group approaches wayfinding and directional signage from a slightly different angle. As strategic marketers, we consider signage to be more than simply a tool to point the way. We see it as a way to reinforce your brand and to welcome and direct travelers in your community. We also consider how to incorporate QR codes and other mobile-friendly tools to leverage pedestrian-oriented signage with links to your digital content.

If You Need Them, We Do These, Too!


Brochures, Annual Reports, Sales Kits, Invitations, Trade Show Booths, Posters, Point-of-Purchase Displays, Packaging Design, Product & Company Name Development


Marketing & Strategy for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube & other social networks

Public Relations

PR Plan Development, Press Release Writing, PR Distribution & Tracking, Speech Writing, Online Customer Surveys

Production Services

Product and Company Photography, TV Ads, Company Videos, Training Videos, Radio Production, Jingles