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Technical Wizardry at Work

Ever wonder who invented the stylish upswept wing tips on passenger airplanes and why they’re there? Besides the “cool factor” they provide to the looks of a retrofitted aircraft, they actually do have a more practical purpose. The world aviation community has recognized measurable benefits on a scale unheard of in the history of aircraft improvement. This Blended Winglet Advanced Technology not only saves fuel and protects the environment, but it modernizes aircraft and makes them perform better. This simple, but profoundly impactful innovation is the brainchild of Aviation Partners Boeing. And when they needed creative marketing to explain the technical wizardry behind the engineering, they called on the specialists at McWhorter Communication to develop their web sites.

Highlights to the new site include a “Gallons of Fuel Saved” module (5 billion and counting), an interactive products list, as well as an impressive client list and photo gallery. We’ve designed the site in both English or Chinese. We also provide web mastering services for APB.

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